in India
Just as a dewdrop on the
tip of a blade of grass will
quickly vanish at sunrise
and will not last long, so
human life is like a dewdrop.
The Buddha
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(1974 - 2017)

Offered on Dana (by donation)

in the Thai Monastery, Sarnath (near Varanasi),

north India

Join  one, two or three of our 7 day  retreats on the theme


January 26 to February 2., 2017 
February 2 to February 9, 2017 
February 12 – 19, 2017 Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya.
We start the teachings at 19.00 on the first day and we finish at 13.00 on the final day
Registrations start in the afternoon of arrival.

After Sarnath, practitioners can travel by train or perhaps bus together, and stay in the Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya, as soon as they arrive

To register for one, two or thee  retreats, then simply email  to address below with information form found on HOW TO REGISTER. See menu on left hand side of home page of website if you wish to attend the first or second retreat or both. Email information form to:

You will receive a confimation within five  days. If you do not receive, please email reminder or to
About the Retreats

In a silent environment, this retreat consists of insight meditation (Vipassana) in the four primary postures, one to one meetings with the teacher (s), daily talks, inquiry and comprehensive instructions with teachings on mindfulness, the depths of inner experience and liberation. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.Timetable for first and second retreat are similar.

We have had the privilege of offering this annual  retreat in India since 1975. 

The retreats are suitable for beginners and those who have participated in retreats previously..

Do join the retreat in Sarnath, where the Buddha gave his first teachings on the middle way and Bodh Gaya where the Buddha experience his awakening to the reality of the human experience.

Please see Menu in left hand column  for further information. Participants join to attend the full retreat from start to finish.

We are starting the Sarnath retreat in late January, 2017. The weather is  around 18 to 25  degrees and can be cold at at night.

We have spaces for 60 partciipants in Sarnath, plus 10 tents. There is unlimited space in Bodh Gaya. The Thai Monastery   Bodh Gaya has built a new modern meditation centre with top facilities, marble floors and thick walls to minimise sounds from outside the monastery, especially from any weddings.

Couples can share a room in the Thai Monastery in Sarnath and Bodh Gaya. 

You can take a train from all over India to Varanasi or a flight. It takes about 40 minutes in a taxi (around 350 rupees,€5) to Sarnath from Varanasi railway station and about one hour and 800 rupees €11 from Varanasi airport to the Thai Monastery in Sarnath.

There are numerous trains to Gaya. Taxi is around 500 rupees to Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya from the train station or airport.. There are daily flgihts to Bodh Gaya airport.

The Lord Abbot of the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya and Sarnath has kindly encouraged us to continue to conduct our retreats in India.

We offer ourretreats enitrely on dana. We love the tradition of dana, a Buddhist word meaning donation, the act of generosity, the practice of giving. We will make an appeal for dana to cover the widespread costs on the final afternoon of each retreat.

See Donations in the Menu for further information.

May all beings live with love, wisdom
and know an awakened life.



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