Christopher Titmuss

A former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, Christopher teaches Awakening and Insight Meditation around the world. He has been teaching annually retreats since 1975. He is the founder and director of the online Mindfulness Training Couse. He gives retreats, participates in Yatras (pilgrimages) and facilitates Dharma gatherings. A senior Dharma teacher in the West, he is the author of numerous books books including The Buddha of Love, Light on Enlightenment and Poems from the Edge of Time. He lives in Totnes, Devon, England.

Radha Nicholson

A senior Dharma teacher in Australia, Radha teaches the liberation of heart and mind through inquiry and insight.  She focuses on finding liberation through the realisation of the non-dual nature of reality.  Her teachings offered with wisdom and compassion expresses her great love of both the Buddhadharma and Advaita traditions.

She has been acknowledged both by Ajahn Buddhadasa, Thailand’s great teacher of emptiness and India’s much loved satang teacher shri HWL Poonja.  Her teachers have included Anagarika Munindra, vimala Thakar and Christopher Titmuss with whom she currently teaches meditation retreats.  She has been teaching world wide for the last twelve years.

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