Thai Monastery, Sarnath

We welcome you to enjoy a retreat in Sarnath n  a simple monastic setting.  

The retreat will provide a bed or mattress and a mosquito net but we depend on yogis to bring their own blankets or sleeping bag.

The accommodation in the meditation centre with most rooms have attached toilets and showers, marble floors and shared rooms for two or three people. We also provide tents for individuals  erected besides the meditation hall.

Vegetarian meals served on the retreat. We have asked Mahadev, our beloved chai wallah outside the Maha Bodhi temple in Sarnath, to be our chief cook. For several years, we have had a wonderful evening at his home with an Indian meal, sharing and music.

Breakfast is generally a wheat porridge with stewed apples, fruit and tea. At lunchtime, our main meal is served consisting of rice, dal (lentils), two vegetarian curries, salad and chapatis (simple bread).

In the evening we offer a light fare- tea with fruit- capping off the day with a cup of hot lemon ginger before bed.

Unfortunately, due to the simplicity of our kitchen and the large number of yogis, we can not accommodate special diets and there are no facilities to prepare your own food. Drinking water is provided.

The weather in Sarnath  is usually between 15 - 25 degrees though often cold at night. 

You may also wish to bring a torch (flashlight), and a shawl for meditation. We provide earplugs as there are occasional weddings with music nearby in the evening time.

Bodh Gaya

The Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya offers as a dana (donation) Thai vegetarian food for the retreat.

The meditation centre in the Thai Monastry, Bodh Gay is newly built and was completed in May 2016.There is a large meditation hall, walking hall and various rooms. The monastery established marble as the primary building material for the new  meditation centre. The walls are thick to minimise sound from outside.

Do come. We look forward to seeing you.