(see Donations link hear top of home page for Donate button for registration for Sarnath retreat).

These retreats are offered primarily on a donation basis. We ask for a non-refundable €30 (£27, US$37, A$48, 2700 rupees)  registration per retreat to help cover all the initial costs.

Every year that the costs are covered makes it possible for the following year to take place.

We have no wealthy benefactor. We would be delighted if such a benefactor materialised!

Your donation covers  the air travel expenses for Christopher for the first retreat and the air travel for Dora (the senior manager). Both travel from the UK.

We appeal for donations (dana) at the end of the retreat to cover costs for food, wages of our Indian cooks, a range of materials and donation for the monastery for providing the meditatio centre for our exclusive use.

The generosity of practitioners at the end of the retreats every year has made it possible for us to to hold the retreats again the following year for the past 45 years.

Rather than payment for services, we trust in the kindness of people to support the retreats.

We are very grateful to the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya for such kind support the monastery there offers to Radha for her 7 day retreat which follows on three days after our two retreats in the Thai Monastery in Sarnath.

On Donation (Dana)