We wish to thank you for contacting us with regard to our 47th year in India of the annual  retreat. (See  home page of this website for dates of retreats with Christopher in Sarnath and Radha in Bodh Gaya). 

We offered our first retreat in Dharamsala in the Himalayas in India in November 1974.

This is the first time in 20 years that we have requested a non-refundable registration fee. Many people will register. Four weeks before the February retreats, we send a request for participants to reconfirm. Around 15 to 30% may not come even if reconfirmed. 

We have decided to ask people to pay €30 (£27, US$37, A$48, 2700 rupees) per retreat deposit per retreat. You can pay via Paypal button. Go to Donations, a link near top of home page.Click on link. You will see Donate button. Or you can make a bank transfer. See Registrations Form link at bottom of home page.

We can then order the food and various materials with a certain confidence that people will show up.

If the participant does not turn up, we will use her or his €30 to help cover the running costs.

Christopher said that he will continue to offer the annual retreats in India provided there are a minimum of 30 participants in the retreat. Christopher will continue making his annual visit to India for the next five years - unless numbers drop below 30. Numbers of participants in last three years range between 30 - 45 per retreat


Particpants kindly offer donations(dana) to cover expenses - an air fare for Christopher on the first and airfare for the manager for the second week, as well as food, wages to cooks, utensils, donation to monastery.

At the end of the retreat, we put out three bowls. One to cover costs. One for donations for Christopher and one for Dora, the senior manager.

We are very happy if Indian participants offer the dana in rupees.


We ask internationals to offer donations in foreign currency, preferably Euros, dollars, pounds or Australia/Canadian dollars. This means we are not left with thousands of rupees to try to convert to cover air fares and support for living in the West.

Arrival Time on Opening Day

Please arrive between 14.40 and 18.00 on the afternoon of the first day of each retreat. Managers and Christopher will give the opening talk at 19.00. The retreat closes at 12.00 on the final day. We start the second retreat in the evening of and finish at 13.00. Participants are requested to leave the monastery by 15.00.

Please send an email to  so we can email a flyer that you may wish to send out or put up.

We would very much appreciate it if you would kindly print it out, possibly laminate, the two A5 pages, and post up in India in any suitable place – wall, café, hotel, internet shop etc. Please feel free to forward the attachment or copy and past and send onto others who might be interested to join the programme.

The retreat conditions are simple, clean and basic with nutritious vegetarian meals. The Abbot of theThai Monastery in Sarnath has kindly modernised the meditation centre with marble floors, new toilets and more light in the Dharma hall.

 We are looking forward to seeing you. Every day is a full day starting from 5.30 am to 21.30 with a two hour break at lunch.

We give full meditation instructions in sitting, walking, standing and reclining postures, a daily talk, and regular meetings with the participants.  The whole programme is suitable for complete beginners and for those with years of meditation experience. Some people have been coming back regularly over many years.

We offer these retreats on a donation basis. At the end of each retreat, the teacher will make an appeal to the participants to support the running costs. Your generosity is very much appreciated. See further information in this section on Donations for Retreats.

We assume your payment confirms your attendance, unless we hear otherwise later. There are places for 50 participants in the Thai monastery in Sarnath plus some tents for individuals available as well.

If you are unable to attend, please remember to e-mail me to let me know.

We look forward to seeing you.

Senior Manager


Retreat Manager’s Information